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Best Beer Bongs in the market 2023
Knowing which beer bong to buy for the new year that you can use the whole year without breaking or having any problems (Just wash and reuse). These bad boys are  essential for any parties, beach ...
What is Tailgating in Sports
It’s when you have a party with a lot of friends, usually cheering the same team in the parking lot of the stadium, before a football game. Tailgating comes from the fact that people often set up ...
What is a Beer Bong and how to use
What is a Beer Bong and how to use? Beer bong involves a large funnel connected to tubing. Beers are poured in the funnel and as the user drinks, the beer will go down the tubing. Beer bongs often ...
How to shotgun a beer with different tools
How to shotgun a beer with different shotgun tools. Only for individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Shotgunning is a fun way to begin a party or tailgate with your friends. It's an easy way to ...

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