How to shotgun a beer with different tools

How to shotgun a beer with different shotgun tools. Only for individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Shotgunning is a fun way to begin a party or tailgate with your friends. It’s an easy way to get everyone involved. I advise to not perform this act too many times or you will not remember that event. Also, most important of all don’t drink and drive.

Using the famous shotgun key chain – 

  1. Grab a beer of your choice – preferably light beer – aluminum can. 
  2. Get out your shotgun key chain.
  3. Pickup the beer can. Have the tab facing you and facing down. Tilt the beer so the part of the can facing you is downward. Having the beer can at this angle will cause the air bubbles at the bottom of the can. Take the sharp part of the shotgun key chain and push down on the can. Add more pressure until the beer can is punctured. 
  4. Hold your beer about chest level. Place your mouth on the hole of the can. You should slightly bent over at this point. Place your hand (that’s not holding the can) on the push tab and get ready to open. This is the tricky part – When you are ready to drink you must open the tab and stand straight at this time. The can must be up and down so the beer doesn’t spill or get you wet. After finishing you celebrate with other shotgunners!
Shotgun Key Chain

Using a key (don’t recommend)

Of course everyone has a key in their pocket, it doesn’t mean you can use it as a tool for opening a beer can.  But if you really insist in using your key:

Hold the can like I said above – Take your key and push down on the can. Add more pressure until the beer can is punctured. Once the can has been punctured there is still some maintenance to do – Place your key in the hole and start making a circle motion so the hole will get larger. 

Then shotgun the beer – like mentioned above. 

Using a knife to shotgun beer (Definitely Do Not Try)

I rather not say so you’ll have all your fingers. Just use the shotgun key chain. This way you’ll have more fun and you will save a lot of money not going to the hospital. 


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