Best Beer Bongs in the market 2023

Knowing which beer bong to buy for the new year that you can use the whole year without breaking or having any problems (Just wash and reuse). These bad boys are  essential for any parties, beach events, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and tailgating events. Majority of these beer bongs are manufactured and imported from China and are made from cheap plastic material which can be harmful to your health. Only two companies make their beer bong in the USA. We have tested and retested and these beer bongs so you can enjoy your party without getting wet or having a broken beer bong funnel.  So here are the best beer bongs out there – sure you could use any old funnel and tube like the old days – but who knows where that’s been? 

You can pick your funnel color (College colors, Halloween, Tailgating or any party), tubing size or even with or without valve. 

You can get these beer bongs (beer funnel) on Amazon – Get them fast and know that you’ll get on time. 

Beer Bong Funnel With Valve – 3ft (36 inch) Tubing Made in USA Kink-Free + Original Shotgun Keychain – 40 Ounce Funnel For Beer Drinking Games, College Parties, Tailgating, Spring Break


BeerBong .com American Eagle Beer Bong Funnel – with Valve- 3 Feet of No Kink Tubing, Food Grade Tailgating, Parties, Spring Break


Premier Beer Bong Funnel – With Valve – No Kink Tubing, Food Grade, You Pick From 7 Colors! Tailgating, Parties, Spring Break, (Blue)


Premier Beer Bong Funnel Holds 40 Ounces, Made in The USA for Drinking Games, Bachelor and Tailgate Parties (7 Funnel Colors to Pick from) (White)


Head Rush F*CK YEAH GID Beer Bong – Beer Funnel with Long Tube – Beer Accessories & Drinking Games for Adults Party – Drink Funnel with a Thick Flexible Hose – Beer Bong with Designs -ULTIMATE (2FT)

The Kong 2.0. A Portable Can or Bottle Cooler/Cup With A Detachable, Expandable, Hose To Funnel Your Drink. (Green)


Head Rush DRINK UP B*TCHES Beer Bong – Funnel with Long Tube Beer Drinking Games for Adults Party & Other Occasions – Alcohol Drinking Funnel with a Thick & Flexible Hose – ULTIMATE (2FT)


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